Where is God?

A question that has puzzled us for quite a long time now…whose answer is unimportant in today’s world,yet of great importance to us. Many learned men say he is omnipresent-he is everywhere, some say he is within us,others say he is to be found in temples, churches and mosques.

We also have his permanent residence located in the heaven. Some of us blindly believe this while others blindly deny even his existence😕

Then again where is he?????🤔🤔🤔

Let’s go back to the time when there was the Big Bang (kaboom…), the universe was born. Then after several , and trust me several several years we started walking the face of earth…as early men lingering through stone ages, as men of the metal and farming era… to a point where you guys are sitting and reading these words of pure wisdom from your’s truly.

During all these ages something kept us going, something gave us hope, something told us that we have a destiny, rather than the mortal goals we set for ourselves, we have something called a spiritual goal…attain it and thou shall attain bliss….

Our forefathers thought of creating a being something that was ideal most in all human conditions…we where told that these ideal conditions are what we should work for, these are the points of highest order which need to be attained. They tuned our minds to attain this idealism and we ended worshipping them. As time passes by ,as we worship we change ourselves….it’s like tuning your frequency to something definite.

The path for attaining this idealism was set down by the religion, many holy men, many holy books (The names are not disclosed here to protect these entities) time again have given us countless details about the path to be taken. After all these helped built us better societies too.

And then put in some slogans, verses, built a few holy places, mix in some miracles and fables and you are good to go.Every time you talk about Hinduism, Islam and Christianity and the various religions don’t you see a similarity, don’t you see a likeness. Maybe there methods are different, maybe they have different approaches but they all point towards one ideal god ,who is what we are.

We human beings are really big groupies, we divided our word into continents, countries, states, cities , streets and so on , but then aren’t we all humans, is this not all a part of a single planet? Is this not a part of the universe? Then why the hell!! Do we further divide ourselves into religions, why do we wage wars for religion.( we humans are the worst kind possible). Don’t you think it is time to move on, to think of so many things we can achieve together if we all come together and be a single religion. Don’t you think we will attain the true God when we take the best out of religions and work towards the world’s growth.The time is here people when leave behind the religious fanatics, politics and grouping behind and grow out in our life’s. Each human for himself and for his family of humans is the requirement of the hour………

I am pretty sure our Gods would love that.

So again where is God?

Do you think he is up there in the heaven?, do you think he is in your holy places?, do you think he is around you?

In case you meet him please let us know……

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