Jomonte Suvisheshangal

So happened to watch this new movie and off goes my review about what I felt the movie is like……


Pora tow (Not enough in Malayalam)

Many movies before Jomonte Suvisheshangal have spoken about the theme, and it still remains the same. Yes it is a family movie from a credible director like Sathyan Anthikad,but there is nothing new in there.

It  talks about a well to do family , with everyone at the top of their games, the only black sheep being Jomon who is a MBA student still searching for a job for the past five years. All of a sudden the family is brought to rags from riches and then Jomon takes up the task to bring back everything together. Its the usual mallu movie which we have seen over the years being portrayed by several actors.I did not find any thing new here. Sorry guys.


The father – son duo

Actors and their roles…..

Dulquer Salmaan portraying the role of Jomon has really done justice to the character, the actor has come a really long way from his first movie Second show. His innocence, comical attitude and good looks suit Jomon well.The mature portion of the story is also handled well by him , no complaints there. What I don’t  understand is the lack of good dialogues which made his character lag at times.

Mukesh as the dad Vincent just shows how experience in acting shows. There was nothing missing in the way he portrayed the character, hats off to the actor for an awesome job done. Rest of the family also does a good job holding it up together.

Coming to the actresses Anupama Parameshwaran , playing the first lady love of Jomon does an OK job, here character has no depth at all, her entry and exit in the movie are all by chance, she really did not seem like having any part in the movie except for the song……

Aishwarya Rajesh again portraying the Tamil girl does a fairly decent job in the rest of the movie,would really like to appreciate the acting she has put up,Manobala the Tamil actor as her dad and Shivaji Guruvayoor as Ravunni have played their parts well too. Innocent and Jacob Gregory did not fire up the comedy segment well though , may be due to the characters they handled and seemed to have too little roles.

Jomon’s Gospels

The Verdict……

Its a one time watch , for you and your Family. Yes the movie does send out a good message also. Most of the characters are fun to watch and enjoy.

But if you are movie junkie solely entering the theater for something new, turn back , this just a light hearted movie for the common folks. It just brings you out with a smile and some awesome acting from Dulquer. Coming to the choreography, dance, I have nothing to say and it is solely for the viewer to decide.

Overall Rating : 3/5


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