The curtains fall- Resident evil

So the final installment from the resident evil series (or is it?) is here.Resident evil has always been that – close to heart zombie movie which most of us have come to like along with the game series of the same name from Capcom.

Alice (Milla Jovovich) has been that single lady protagonist whom we have come to love from the series and seems like the only thing that keeps the final chapter running. After watching the movie I had mixed reactions, but the most dominating one among st them  was disappointment.

The movie begins with a documentary trying to bring about a summary of the story so far doing a pretty good job of capturing every one’s attention to the line of events.

From the begin where Alice wakes up in  a devastated D.C , the flying zombie monster,the water zombie monster seem to create no effect on the audiences.From this point on wards you have  little or no story at all…obviously resident evil movies are never known for their stories , but this one seemed like having nothing to its core. Even Dr. Issac(Iain Glen) seemed no match to Alice, the lack of a strong villain was really sad, at least most of us wished for an epic villain.Another sad story was Claire (Ali Larter) who failed to reach up the peak.Most of the other characters in the movie failed to perform up to the situation.

So with no story, no character strength , a little girl called red queen and a funny villian this movie lacked the punch like its predecessors.

Image result for resident evil 6 movie cast

We Just expected a lot from you guys

Special effects could neither come to the rescue here, the scene with zombies being burned from buildings, the mutated dog scene nothing clicked either. Most of the time the movie seemed like killing characters at regular intervals for the climax.Also the story fails to speak about several past characters from the movie series.Every body seemed to be in a haste to end it up.

The only thing you could watch the movie is for Alice in her action sequences, otherwise its just another movie not worth wasting your time and bucks on.

What’s done cannot be undone, but this was not a great way to end up a great series.

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