Resident evil 7- Bio hazard (PS4)

Zombies-A zombie is a  fictional undead being created through the reanimation of a human corpse. So this is how Wikipedia defines it.

Movie buffs have had a feast of movies ,depicting the undead as flesh loving , brain munching , slow moving (or running at times) targets.

Gamers take zombies to the next level, they consider them soldiers without weapons who need to be shut down by any means possible. Games like Dying light, Dead island, Left for dead are at the forefront. But one stands out among st them- having  a history of zombie warfare, yep you guessed it right Resident evil from CAPCOM.


Released on 24th January 2017, we have Resident Evil Bio hazard, not a reboot of the series but a standalone continuation of the zombie legacy. And here I am to give you a tour of what I met with while playing the game.

Graphics and Sound

This was a little bit of a turn down for me,with the PS4 pro powering my gaming interests, I expected more from Biohazard. Yes it is hard to say, but the truth is the graphics aren’t as good as many latest titles available today. In many scenes the lush greenery of trees,plants looked crooked and life less, the inside of the baker family home was good and had details but it was like everything was notched down a bit.The only area where I loved the graphics was – the water effects.The sequence in the ship was okay, but the graphics department really did not fire up for me.

The VR version on the other hand, even though really captivating was awful to look at, I felt nauseous after just 15min of  game play. Yes it is scary but when you have everything looking just lifeless it sort of turns you down.

The sound track, the music was just what we wanted. It did a fairly descent job setting in that atmosphere.Every sound just seemed real in VR, 3D audio was also up-to mark.

Rating : 2.5/5



The graphics are not the best we have seen..

Story, Game play

Ya the story gave us a fresh feel compared to what we have been going through in RES series. Its a standalone and not a reboot of the franchise , but the base model of the story is still about one missing wife and the husband coming to find her and the horrors he encounters at the Baker mansion.

One element which I liked was the V/H/S system where you discover the lifes of others attached to the story.The revelation of a scientific experiment on the abandoned ship is also attached to the main story as a playable segment.

Though not new ,the story  of Ethan and Mia is just fine for any other survival story.

The game is basically first person .I did not find anything new or worth mentioning in the game play. As the story progresses you collect weapons, ammo is scarce and makes you discover and search every location of the house. The health normally regenerates but you have your medi kits in the form of herbs and chemical fluids.You have a pretty decent inventory, mixing of substances is done here.

The baker house has several isolated rooms that become your safe points were you save the game and remove unwanted items into a stash.Also you have steroid injections that give your health a boost.

Zoe is the only friendly help we get from the mansion who guides us to various points.But sadly enough I chose Mia over her …..

Rating: 3.5/5

Here are some screenshots from the game showing what you are up against in the baker mansion.

Enemy a.k.a AI

Fairly descent Job here. The baker family provides us with 3 bosses, and additional creatures who make life difficult for us, Mia is neither helping. The AI is pretty responsive and does the job …but they mostly forget about me when I enter my safe room..This gives you the possibility to escape your enemies when you are low on your ammo.


                                                                                    Mia mia mia……………..

Rating : 3.5/5


Its a fresh approach from Resident evil, its new, its scary but boring at times. But still its a must play on your VR , to see how much potential this holds in the future.

Other wise the game just feels like a prologue to some other upcoming zombie infestation from CAPCOM.

Rating: 3/5




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