Android it really sweet?

It all began with an update, every time it does. Its been two weeks now , and I have had enough of this dessert from google.Here’s what I felt it tastes like..

Appearance and Interface, and Customization

Blame the Touch wiz UI of my S7 edge, I was not totally impressed with what N had to offer in this regard.

The same lock screen with additions of quick launch icons for the camera and call option, the same swipe me tagline(or anything else based on your security choice),the same AOD (always on display) -a feature associated with S7 handsets,set up of notifications. Yes it all seemed slick , but if you are looking at something new, there is nothing in there.


                           The pull down menu

The home screen  

Next you enter your basic home screen,again not much options here either,the same concept of multiple home screens,the briefing screen, your widgets, app shortcuts and stuff.What I did notice was the pull down menu, which was well arranged now,  sported a search bar, a quick launch shortcut for blue light filter and performance mode.

Menu’s ready

A long press of the home screen allowed you to change your wallpapers, widgets, themes and screen grid size. Another interesting option was the icon pack which was available.An additional aspect was that the  long press of an app on your home screen now allows you to get an additional side menu about options.Long press inside the menu still lets you place the shortcut.The menu has the same old boring settings, folder options and the search bar.

My rating 5/10.(Mainly for the lack of anything new or mind blowing .)

Specific apps discussion

The phone,messages, contact apps seemed pretty basic , nothing worth mentioning was seen here.All the other basic apps like the clock,google maps,play store,chrome,where still same, nothing new either.


Two noticeable difference was the Samsung gallery app and the settings apps.

The Gallery:

Everything seemed pretty white … also what annoyed me a lot was Android N heavily relying on white as a background colour for several apps. Option wise the gallery had nothing new in the picture department or video department. Even the default video player for Samsung was still the same. The only new thing here was the ability to create small GIFs from the videos.

 Its’s all white


 Basic image and video settings


The settings menu

So below are my screenshots of what the settings menu in Android N looks lie , at least on my S7 edge.As you can see most of the options like- connections,sounds,Wallpapers and themes ,Applications,Lock screen and security,Cloud and accounts,Google settings, Accessibility remained same.

A function called general management now handled your language, date time settings.

Software update was now a standalone setting.

So what really changes is in the following settings.


Other than my device specific settings and normal settings, two new things noticeable here were the blue light filter and the ability to change your resolution.

2)Advanced features:

This is again a device specific set that helps you choose different modes, one thing new here as shown in the image was a video enhancer mode (which really gives an extra edge to your video quality).


Mostly device specific

3)Device maintenance:

This menu option seemed to organize your device specific settings together.Seems like a control panel for android. What is new here are the various modes you can choose.Below image is a self explanatory of the same.

 That say’s excellent

My rating:7/10.Loved the extra organized features. And hats off to resolution and mode changes.


Multitasking, Multi windows

Ya, you are in here for a blast,multitasking in split screen mode has never been quite awesome.The multiple windows mode in my S7 edge was mind blowing.The transition between windows seemed effortless and lag free.I could even simultaneously play multiple video files in two apps without noticing any performance or over heat issues. Phones with a larger screen size would really benefit here.Shown below is my screen shot.


  It’s Big, count the windows.

My rating:10/10


Performance and VR modes

So this is a device specific factor,but on a general note, my S7 edge did not find any troubles running the OS, no issues getting hot, no visible lags.Everything ran fluid smooth.

As far as Daydream(Google VR) is concerned, S7 did not have and opportunity for the same.

My rating:9/10(For no DAYDREAM)

The Verdict

Android N is not a major upgrade over Marsh mellow,the apps, customization are nothing new. But the better performance, more utilization of your devices power, mega multitasking approach makes it the most polished upgrade yet.

So if you have one of those flagship devices or are a VR buff planning to buy in a new device android N will not disappoint you.

For more see this










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