Hello??We are engineers too!!!

                                    Om IIT iye namaha!!!

Rahul is all happy, he just completed his engineering from a ,”not so reputed self financing college in the country”.

His thought– he needs to find a job,lift the burden of his parents shoulders, see them happy,marry someone special and live his life to the fullest(after all he is an engineer!!!).

Least does he know that his very first day outside the institution will shatter all his dreams…just like it does for many of us.

Through out our higher secondary classes most of us are pushed on towards entrance exams in engineering ,its like there is nothing else!!! Oh commerce is hopeless,don’t care about the group unless you get only 70% in 10th boards (And you are too good for anything else) is what 80% of the suggestions we receive.

(Medicine is beyond the scope of this discussion, sorry guys,you should write your own woes)

So finally after fighting through mountains of worthless Calculus (Newton ,didn’t you have something else to do??), jumping through various atomic energy states , emitting intense radiations spending sleepless nights we prepare for the boards.(It’s not over yet)

Oh again there is separate preparation for entrance exams (IIT -JEE, AIEEE, State entrances ugh!!!), from the coaching centers.

Question:What after all this ,if we don’t get into the top institutes??

Answer: You are a worthless piece of “XXX”..

The parents are sad and tensed and angry (you get to hear a lecture and the balance sheet of your life so far is flashed in front of you, seems you where a bad investment).

Everybody else is sarcastic about your life in the not so good college you would join. (It’s just getting started).Your teachers expected more from you….Suddenly you are dubbed too lazy, not so intelligent and what not.

Wait till you finish your engineering,even a distinction in your certificate from your poor university is not going to do you much good, and so this what most of our real life looks like…….

  • Most of us try for M.tech in these so-called prestigious institutes( This time I will do it??) , while taking up lecturing jobs.The rich ones go for MS (envy you).
  • Another hand full appear in other exams for various public sector jobs(mostly GATE does both the above jobs now).
  • Many of us jump abroad to Gulf , where we are in a microwave for the rest of our lives.
  • And the really unlucky of us find jobs in various companies(mostly non engineering) in the country after struggles ,we never want to recollect ever.

So even after finding these jobs we get to see the following

  • You begin as a trainee, and remain a trainee for the next couple of years. Your peers from reputed institutes are mostly ahead of you.
  • Your bosses treat you like vermin, making you believe living for you alone is worthless.
  • You work day in day out just to see that salary hike,that promotion slip away from you.
  • You do all the heavy lifting and end up the weakest, “there is only pain and no gain ever”!!!

What did we do wrong?, after all we too did the same engineering, studied the same principles as people from premiere institues.To all of you I lay down the following questions (Ya IITians answer please)

  1. Not all of us are designed for shortcut methods of a OMR sheet, we love our good old methods, lengthy steps, How the hell does that make our intelligence inferior to yours??
  2. Most of you have no regards for your board, we feel that is quite more important, or else lets abolish CBSE, ISC and all boards??( Lets have only entrances)

To the recruiters I ask

  1. Sirs, before asking our calibre , look at your credentials. Most of the experienced bosses of today have not even done their engineering…
  2. Why the hell is all the heavy , complex task for the lower cadre like us while you’re so intelligent scholars from reputed colleges do nothing in the office???
  3. Why are we denied chances of workshops, seminars and interactions , even though we deserve it better than others???
  4. And finally why the hell did you recruit us if you never wanted us?? (Many horrible bosses mostly remind us about packing us up if we don’t complete our targets)

To the government I ask

  • Let merit get merit, avoid entrances , lets choose scholarships , projects as a method to enter reputed colleges (Lets play fair)
  • Standardize or shut down private ones (Save many Rahuls)

Because most of the time the reputed scholars from these awesome institutes just leave the country, causing a brain drain doing nothing. They are too selfish thinking about themselves , it is just the salary that attaracts them not the love for knowledge( Agreed there are exceptions)

Its time we change our thoughts…Save Rahul and many more to come

(Note: Sorry if it hurt any IITians , NIITians, you all are my friends too, I just wanna bring out the aggression that most of us press within ourselves)

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